About Us

Trainovate provides a range of professional development services for schools, drawing on world-class British educational research and practice. Our engaging and memorable training is very practical, so teachers and leaders use it immediately in their own professional practice and cascade it to colleagues. Our training is research-based, helping to drive forwards improvement in your school. Most importantly, our recommendations are both sustainable and cost-effective, meaning that the rewards of our training will last.



We value being truthful and honest in our professional work and our recommendations are independent. Acting with integrity creates trust, which is a key component of effective school culture.


We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and support others to achieve their potential.

Continuous development:

We believe in lifelong learning and value this mindset in our own lives. Everyone is capable of improving and learning new things.


We believe that successful schools are collaborative schools. We communicate openly with everyone and learn from one another.

Company History

The company is founded on the models of excellence found in the British education system and the desire to link this effectively with schools in the Middle East. The Directors were keen to spread the best of British educational practice to educators in other countries. With a detailed knowledge of the Middle East, the Directors knew they could form effective links between educational systems. This would help to support best practice in the Middle East, in a manner that was culturally appropriate and tailored to the context of individual schools. Working in partnership with Trainovate will foster a positive learning culture for leaders, teachers and pupils.