Excellent Planning, Teaching and Learning

This exciting course will enhance teachers’ classroom practice as they learn a range of effective strategies for excellent teaching, learning and assessment.

Course Overview

This comprehensive course helps classroom practitioners move towards excellence in the key areas of planning, assessment, teaching and learning. We start by analysing our mindset and understanding how this can influence our capacity for excellence in the classroom. Then we move on to learn how to plan effectively for learning, tying this in with a range of practical and effective teaching strategies in the classroom. After this, we examine the theory, implementation and analysis of effective assessment for learning, developing strategies that both learners and teachers will enjoy. We conclude the course by learning how to give pupils feedback effectively and how to overcome any challenges so that pupils can make excellent progress.

Who would this training be suitable for?

This training is suitable for classroom teachers and Heads of Department at any stage of their career looking to enhance and develop best practice. It will also be of interest to school leaders seeking to enhance teaching and learning across their organisation.

Course syllabus

  • Session 1: Start With A Growth Mindset
  • Session 2: Excellent Planning for Learning
  • Session 3: Excellent Teaching and Learning in the Classroom
  • Session 4: Excellent Assessment for Learning
  • Session 5: Giving Excellent Feedback

How Will I learn?

Face-to-Face: Two days training in school, held in August, October, February and April every year. For 2021 we will be offering this course online.

Online: TThe course spans five weeks. Every session will be 2 hours long and cover one module.

Each module will be accompanied by readings and practical assignments. Time will be given to provide professional feedback and advice, both individually and to the group.

Learning teams may decide to discuss the readings and topics before each session to allow more time for activities and discussion. Participants should plan to actively and fully engage in these activities to get the most out of this course.

Fees and payment plans

Registration deadline for summer online courses: End of June 2021 (or until the course reaches capacity)

Space on each course is limited, so early registration is recommended to avoid disappointment. Once a course is full, it will be closed to further enrolment, and registrations received after this point will be placed on the waiting list.

Online Learning

  • Individual: £150 per participant
  • School Fees for 10+ delegates: £120 per participant


  • Individual Fee: rates for 2022 coming soon
  • School Fees for 10+ delegates: rates for 2022 coming soon

Payment Plans

  • All our courses are paid either in full or by instalments.
  • All our payment is paid either in Sterling pound or local currency
  • Currency conversion rates to be calculated on registration day
  • The first installment is due at the time of registration, using any one of these payment options:

    1. Bank transfer: Contact Registration@trainovate.co.uk and request an Invoice from Trainovate, which includes the bank transfer details.
    2. PAYPAL (send payment to finance@trainovate.co.uk)
    3. Bank Deposit: Contact Registration@trainovate.co.uk and request an Invoice from Trainovate, which includes the bank account details.

  • First instalments must be received within TWO weeks of the registration date, or the registration will be cancelled.
  • All instalments must be paid a maximum of two weeks before the course start date.

Cancellation Policy for Trainovate training programmes

  • Two weeks before the start of the course: 50% of the total cost per course is non-refundable.
  • Any time after: Entire cost per course is non-refundable.