Trainovate teacher preparation programme

Trainovate is offering a teacher training programme covering all aspects of effective and impactful teaching. We believe supporting and developing teachers is hugely important. The programme has been designed to reinforce key pedagogy that matters the most so that learning is engaging, fun and purposeful so that learners are fully prepared for life in a modern and diverse world. We are committed to supporting teachers to be reflective learners and plan a learning provision that meets all pupils’ needs. The programme provides teachers with an opportunity to regularly reflect with peers, undertake 1:1 coaching sessions, and integrate different ideas and approaches to develop their teaching. Each workshop has a specific theme as well as providing a focused discussion about progress and support.

Course overview:

As the most important profession for our world’s future, teachers require considerable knowledge and skill, which need to be developed as their careers progress. The Teacher Training Programme (TTP) has been designed to raise expectations for professional development, focus on achieving significant improvement in pupil outcomes, and develop teachers as respected members of the profession.

The programme is committed to providing quality professional learning for teachers, supporting you to have the biggest impact in the classroom and providing an excellent foundation for a successful career in education. It is based on the belief that teachers are child-led and acknowledge they are accountable for achieving the highest possible standards.

Who would this training be suitable for?

The course is predominantly aimed at existing teachers and new teachers, given the practical nature of the delivery. Participants will be asked to collate information in advance of sessions in order to personalise the context of their development. During the programme, participants will be asked to implement the strategies outlined and will have the opportunity to reflect upon their impact.

Course Syllabus:

  • Session 1: Primary School Teaching

    Part 1 – Developing Excellence
    Part – Teaching Standards

  • Session 2: Developing effective teaching strategies
  • Session 3: Embedding positive behaviours for learning
  • Session 4: Lesson Planning
  • Session 5: The Reading Classroom
  • Session 6: SEND – Support in the classroom
  • Session 7: Time management and Workload
  • Session 8: Positive Mental Health and wellbeing
  • Session 9: SEND – Further differentiation
  • Session 10: Reflective listening – engaging effectively with parents
  • Session 11: Managing Complex Behaviours
  • Session 12: Writing for purpose
  • Session 13: Building diverse memorable content
  • Session 14: Marking and assessment
  • Session 15: Reflective listening – engaging effectively with colleagues
  • Session 16: Developing Opportunities for Reasoning in Maths
  • Session 17: Programme evaluation

How Will I learn?

Face-to-Face: Seven days training in-school, held in August, October, February and April every year. For 2021 we will be offering this course online.

Online: The course spans 15 weeks. Every session will be 2 hours long and cover one module.

Each module will be accompanied by readings and practical assignments. Time will be given to provide professional feedback and advice, both individually and to the group.

Learning teams may decide to discuss the readings and topics before each session to allow more time for activities and discussion. Participants should plan to actively and fully engage in these activities to get the most out of this course.

Fees and payment plans

Registration deadline for summer online courses: End of June 2021 (or until the course reaches capacity)

Space on each course is limited, so early registration is recommended to avoid disappointment. Once a course is full, it will be closed to further enrolment, and registrations received after this point will be placed on the waiting list. >


Online Learning

  • Individual: £400 per participant
  • School Fees for 10+ delegates: £370 per participant


  • Individual Fee: rates for 2022 coming soon
  • School Fees for 10+ delegates: rates for 2022 coming soon

Payment Plans

  • All our courses are paid either in full or by instalments.
  • All our payment is paid either in Sterling pound or local currency
  • Currency conversion rates to be calculated on registration day
  • The first installment is due at the time of registration, using any one of these payment options:

    1. Bank transfer: Contact and request an Invoice from Trainovate, which includes the bank transfer details.
    2. PAYPAL (send payment to
    3. Bank Deposit: Contact and request an Invoice from Trainovate, which includes the bank account details.

  • First instalments must be received within TWO weeks of the registration date, or the registration will be cancelled.
  • All instalments must be paid a maximum of two weeks before the course start date.

Cancellation Policy for Trainovate training programmes

  • Two weeks before the start of the course: 50% of the total cost per course is non-refundable.
  • Any time after: Entire cost per course is non-refundable.